This involves letting/lease and sales/purchase to or for our various clients,

ranging from different organizations to individuals. Other activities involved in this aspect of our services are listed below

    -    Sourcing and screening of tenants to occupy the property.
    -    Take photographs for advertising on the internet, Real Estate publications, on our website and other affiliated sites.
    -    Erection and removal of ‘TO LET” boards.
    -    Carry out viewings of the property with prospective tenants including Saturday and evening viewings.
    -    Check tenant references from previous landlords where applicable.
    -    Determination and fixing of rent as well as the term of the tenancy in accordance with the dictates of the property market.
    -    Preparation of the tenancy agreement and ensuring it is signed by both Landlord and tenant.
    -    Compilation of the keys, fixtures and fittings in the property and ensuring that it is properly documented.